While I spend most casual days in a pair of sandals or sneakers, sometimes I’m just in the mood for a good heel. The tricky part is finding a pair that I can actually wear all day without having my feet screaming at me. My new Iro heels from The Dreslyn are the ticket. They’re different than anything else I have in my closet (I love the cuffed ankle); and maybe it’s because they’re technically an open-toe bootie or perhaps it’s the cone-shaped heel, but they’re surprising comfortable. I mean it. I’ve been wearing them non-stop since I received them. They dress up my casual denim and go perfectly with a dress for a night out. Finding a pair of heels like that is no easy task but these really do fit the bill.

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 Photos by Molly Miller

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We hit 84 degrees here yesterday. This weekend is promising highs around 78 degrees. Hallelujah. I think spring is finally here to stay. I can’t wait to ditch the layers this weekend in favor of throw-on little dresses, breezy tops, and white jeans. I basically want to be wearing everything from Emerson Fry‘s  spring collection. If you haven’t already checked out the newest arrivals, it’s definitely a must-see. The entire line is so. good.

Let’s start with the shoes. Each pair is so unique and unlike anything else you’ll find out there. The tie sandals are pretty much a summer staple, and I wouldn’t mind having a pair of the cobra ankle-straps either.

You’ll also find classic tops available in both solids and prints (my personal favorite is the black-and-white Portia top) and easy-breezy knits that will be perfect for cooler nights. Have you ever seen anyone make a white t-shirt look so cool? The pants and skirts make for easy pairings, too. I’m obsessed with these white jeans - a zipper at the ankle and just enough of a distressed touch. I hardly ever wear skirts but I’m changing that this season and investing in a couple of colors of this one. My very, very favorites though are the dresses. I love every single one. Since I pretty much stick to white all summer along, this one is definitely calling my name (don’t you love the longer length?). I need this one for the office, this one for the beach, and this one for Saturdays spent with margaritas on the patio.There. That pretty much covers my spring/summer wardrobe, don’t you think?



dorsay shoes

As much as I love a great pair of heels, most of my days are spent wearing flats. It’s just much more practical (and comfortable, of course) since my job requires lots of running around town. Ballet flats of obviously my go-to, but lately I’ve been trying to switch it up a little with sneakers, sandals, and, now, the D’Orsay flat. It’s a trend for sure but it’s one that I see having some longevity. It’s a classic shoe (I love the pointy toe) and it works a million different ways. Jenni Kayne is the queen when it comes to the D’Orsay. She’s got this shoe down. From suede to raffia, she’s done this shoe in every which way. (The leopard pair I love just went on sale!) I initially thought this shoe looked a little strange on my feet. It’s definitely got a different shape than a ballet flat, and I wasn’t quite used to it yet. Now, however, I’m starting to come around. It’s actually a nice break from my traditional ballets.


Jcrew espadrilles I pretty much trade in my closed-toe shoes for sandals (this pair in every color) the minute the weather starts to warm up. I love my ballet flats but spring/summer is sandals season for me.  The only exceptions I’ll make is for my sneakers and espadrilles. J.Crew’s newest espadrille arrival has me smitten. Are these not the cutest espadrilles you’ve ever seen? I’m going to wear them all summer long – with dresses like this and shorts like these. Not only are the prints perfect for the season, but with a flat rubber sole, they’re going to be ideal traveling soles. I adore both color options (you know how much I love stripes) but for me, the pink pair is the clear winner. The good news is that the price is right, and for $60 you could get yourself both pairs to avoid making the tough decision.




I’ve never really been a fan of the whole “no white jeans after Labor Day” rule. It seems a little outdated, and, in my opinion, white jeans look cool year-round. In fact, I’m wearing this pair as I type this post. I’m a firm believer that every girl needs at least two pairs of white denim in her closet. (I have several, my newest of which is this cropped pair.) Since I pretty much live in mine during the summer, I find that one pair is always in the laundry. (White jeans gets dirty – especially when you wear them as often as I do.) So I think it’s a good idea to have a couple of pairs you love so you always have the option to wear them.

As the weather starts to warm up, I find myself trading out my dark blues for my bright whites more and more. I’m just so ready for the new season and white denim is my spring/summer staple. Even though it’s not exactly warm yet (I was bundled up all weekend long), the cooler temperatures haven’t dissuaded me from wearing my white jeans. I just have to figure out the right layers. These three looks are providing perfect inspiration. The gray sweater is a must (I love the look of gray + white) and creates a perfect building block for a little jacket (maybe a print?) or just a perfectly tailored blazer like this one. Go ahead and pull out those white jeans, if you haven’t already! Maybe if we start dressing like it’s spring, the warm weather will hurry up and get here.



I’m so excited to invite you all to a fun event I’m co-hosting with Molly and Sally this week. The three of us will be kicking off the spring season at the Neiman Marcus in Fort Worth this Thursday, March 20th. We’ll be talking up our favorite spring trends and sipping on cocktails. I would love for you all to stop by and say hello! Bring a friend, too! All you need to is send an email here and let us know you’re coming. I hope to see you there!




Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In celebration of the holiday, today’s color moment is – you guessed it – green. I’ve always loved the hue. While I usually tend to lean more towards the olive shade when it comes to my clothing (these jeans, for example, are a major staples of mine), I’ve definitely got a thing for the brighter, more Kelly green side of the spectrum as well. There’s just something so cheerful about the color. I’m happy to see that designers like Michael Kors  and Phillip Lim (how adorable is this?) have embraced the shade this season. Even my favorite pair of heels comes in a version of St. Paddy’s hue!


5N2A09731 The second the temperature starts to rise, I want to pull out all of spring goodies (things like this and this) but just when I do, the temperature cools down again. This can make getting dressed a little trickier than usual. In order to keep things simple as we’re transitioning to a new season (hello, spring!) I’m relying on my most basic basics to get me through it. These are the pieces I wear over and over again: the perfect blazer, a striped tee, my favorite denim, and my ever-present leopard flats. They’re my mix-and-match pieces – classics that work with just about anything – or in this case, the pieces I put on all at once and head right out the door.

basics basics basics basics

Photos by Molly Miller