Another good one: Tibi’s End-of-Season sale is on. They’ve got some really great basics – this and this, for example – that you won’t want to miss. Up to 70% off here! Cheers to summer.

Here’s what you need to check out:

  • With summer not even halfway over, there’s still plenty of time to wear this LWD.
  • If that white dress isn’t quite your thing (or maybe you just need two?), this one is super cute. The cut-out sides are perfect for summer.
  • A good nude sandal is always a good thing to have. I love the wooden heel on this pair.
  • The same goes for a shiny, gold pair.
  • I love a good high-waist short. With blue-and-white stripes, this pair is extra special.
  • Speaking of stripes, I’m pretty crazy about this little dress.
  • I could use one of these on those rainy, summer days.
  • Flamingo pink? The name alone peaked my interest.
  • While we’re on the subject of pink, how about this pair of sandals? I’m partial to the pink pair, but they come in a million other shades, too.
  • Tibi always knows how to get basic black just right. This open-back dress is something I would wear right now and then pair with black tights when fall rolls around.


loeffler randall

You all know that when it comes to “trends,” I’m hardly ever the first one to jump on board. (It took me months to get on the slip-on wagon – but I’m oh-so-glad I did.) For the most part, those trendy items are usually in-and-out, and I prefer to invest in classic pieces that I truly love and that I know will stand the test of time. Case in point: birkenstocks. When did that even start? I feel like all the sudden everyone around me is sporting the ’90s favorite – and when I feel like everyone around me is wearing the same thing, that’s usually what makes me back off from it. However, I actually think I might be coming around to these things. Maybe. Sort of. Here’s what I know for sure: I really like Loeffler Randall’s take on the style. It’s definitely Birkenstock-esque, but more refined. You get the double-straps and the thick, cork sole of Birkenstock, but the materials are much more refined. I love the leather choices and the contrasting patterns and textures. The gold + cheetah stripes are definitely my favorite. They’re basically a dressed-up Birkenstock, no? This is kind of Birk that I can definitely see taking up a spot in my closet.



The latest sale to hit my radar comes from C. Wonder. With some items up to 70% off, this one is definitely worth a quick look. They have some really great apparel marked way down – including some pretty adorable tunics and a pair of eyelet shorts for $38 – and there’s some cute shoes, too. The real gem of the sale, however, is the home decor. You’ll find some fantastic dinnerware (with napkins to match!), golden glasses that are calling out for a summer cocktail, and other knick-knacks for around the house. Like I said, this one is definitely worth perusing.

Here’s what you can’t miss:

  • My morning cup of coffee would be a whole lot better coming from one of these.
  • On that same note, how about this for my bowl of cereal?
  • The fact that these are $29 almost seems too good to be true. I love the yellow! Two pairs, please?
  • A set of four of these for $10! So. Good.
  • I love having little dishes like this one to accessorize tables and bookshelves. (A monogram one would make a great gift!)
  • A good maxi dress is a must-have for easy, summer dressing.
  • If you’re looking for jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a classic gold link bracelet.
  • A set of these salad plates will add the perfect pop of color to my all-white dinner situation.
  • A stripe top that feels just a little dressed-up.
  • These are a serious steal! I’ll take a pair of white and a pair of red.


white on white

If it seems like all I wear lately is white, that’s because I do. My summer uniform is simple: white on top, white on bottom. I even sometimes really go for it and add in white jewels and a pair of white sandals. It makes getting dressed really, really easy – not to mention, packing for vacations is a cinch. Speaking of packing, this sweatshirt-style (there’s no fleece, it’s more about the shape) top from Reiss  has become my vacay essential. It’s lightweight, but it keeps me warm on cool, summer nights. When the A/Cs are blasting, a good summer sweatshirt is exactly what you need. (Did I mention it’s on sale? $75.) The quilted pattern keeps it interesting, but the detail that really seals the deal for me is the pockets. Yes. It has pockets! I can go sans purse and still keep my lipstick (new favorite color right here) and my iPhone with me all night. Summer will be over before we know it so I’m going to wear all the white I can right now. ‘Tis the season.
white on white white on white white on white white on white white on white

Photos by Molly Miller



This summer has brought some really good sales (Shopbop just marked down even more goodies), and I’ve managed to score some great deals on some really great pieces. One of those great pieces is this cut-out flare dress from Kate Spade Saturday. I love this dress. It’s a linen-cotton blend making it perfect for even the hottest summer night, and it has this triangular cut-out in the front that not only adds a little extra breathability (it gets HOT in Texas) but it also adds something fun to an otherwise very simple dress. Did I mention it has pockets? Another fab detail! I hate lugging a purse around in the summer and pockets mean I can easily tote my iPhone, credit card and lipgloss and go purse-free all night. It comes in two colors: sunset and black. I opted for the sunset (it’s a perfect red-orange), but now that this dress is on sale, I think I’ll go ahead and snatch up the black, too. It’s easily one of my favorite dresses of the whole summer, and I know I’m just going to get more and more wear out of it.

Enter the code INSTA35 for an extra 25% off.

While you’re at it, take a peek at these goodies:

  • I go through a lot of sandals during the summer. When I find a good pair for $50, I go for it.
  • Simple as can be but oh-so-good: this dress is one you won’t ever grow tired of. Black, red or green!
  • Speaking of simple, you know you can’t go wrong with another stripe tee – and this one is reversible!
  • Want to spice up those stripes? Take a look at this adorable little dress. It screams summer, don’t you think?
  • Under $50? Yes, please. Pink!
  • It’s a new take on a cotton tee. I love the hot coral color.



Tory Burch has a big sale happening. They’ve marked down all sorts of summer goodies – tunics, shorts, bikinis, and the cutest sandals – that you’ll want to scoop up and wear for the rest of the season (and next summer, too). Note to self: do not miss the jewelry here. It’s fab. The deals are certain to only get better from here. Stay tuned.

Here’s what you can’t miss:

  • TB is the queen of the tunic, as far as I’m concerned. I adore this embellished one (still pricey, but so cute) and this black-and-white one is a sure thing.
  • If you’re looking for a summer treat that’s under $100, be sure to check out the scarves. There are some really fun prints (this one!).
  • Speaking of under $100, this bangle qualifies. If not for yourself, it would make a great gift.
  • This blouse would have made an excellent addition to my Fourth of July look. Red or blue?
  • I really adore these little green wedges. Seriously comfy, and oh-so-cute.
  • A good wallet is essential. TB’s leather is one of the best and if you can scoop one up on sale, go for it. This blue one is right up my alley.
  • Poolside coverup or a casual throw-on-and-go over white jeans? I’ll take it.
  • I’ve had my eye on this little dress since spring. The orange embroidery is so sweet.
  • These are the types of sandals you’ll love next summer and the summer after that, too.
  • The best part? There is lots and lots of jewelry on sale! I really love TB’s jewels. She’s got an eye for color (who can resist kelly green?), and each piece has such a distinct look. These earrings are a favorite.



Are you tired of seeing these clutches? Because I’m not. Not even a little bit. In fact, I think I like them more and more each time I see one. Maybe it’s the combination of acrylic + glitter that has something to do with it. I’ve been a fan of Edie Parker since she debuted the Lara clutch (more glitter), and I think her bags have only gotten better. She manages to master the art of quirky (cherries?) and fun, yet still so chic. She’s the type of the designer that doesn’t take herself too seriously. Here’s another fun fact: the collection is produced entirely in the United States. Just a patriotic details that’s especially relevant this week.

While I love her fruit collection (how can you resist this one for summer?), it’s the bespoke clutches that I’m particularly drawn to. They’re completely custom. Once you choose your shape, you can then choose a color (gold confetti, anyone?), hardware, and text. There are so many good choices that it might be tough to make a decision. (I can spend hours playing on these types of custom things. I just logged 1.5 hours with the NikeID sneakers. So. Many. Choices.) If it really came down to it, I think I might have to go with the navy pearlesecent (this navy one is pretty fab, too.)and I think my initials B.A.M. would look quite nice in silver confetti text.

I love the idea of gifting a new bride one of these. How fun to receive a little clutch either with your new initials or Mrs. +  your new last name. Or you can just go with one of these ready-made ones: “Bride” or “Mrs.” The good news is that they’re all so fabulous that you really can’t go wrong.

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Shop Edie Parker

Images via Elle and Edie Parker


kenzo dress

One of the best things to come out of the spring/summer trends is the emergence of tropical prints. You know the ones: the pineapples, the Hawaiian-inspired florals, and, my personal favorite, palms. They’re the types of prints that scream vacation and are simply perfect for the summer months. There have been plenty of designers that have really knocked these prints out of the park (Topshop being one of them), and Kenzo is near the very top of that list. They’ve always been aces when it comes to bold, splashy prints but this season’s group has to be one of my favorites yet. The colors are striking and their eye-catching palm prints make just the right statement for summer. (Their prints always encourage me to be bit more daring with my pattern mixing, too. Just take a peek at this look and you’ll see what I mean.)What I really love is their choice in materials. Not only have the mastered a unique mix between various textures, but this particular dress (sold out – but this one is really similar and so fantastic, too) happens to be cotton, making it light and easy-breezy for warm weather. In other words, an ideal summer piece.

kenzo dress kenzo dress kenzo dress kenzo dress kenzo dress Photos by Molly Miller

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