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If there’s one item of clothing that is the hallmark of “transitional dressing” then it’s the sleeveless coat. When it’s not hot anymore but it’s not quite cold, it’s the ideal piece to have. Editors and the likes were sporting the sleeveless look all over the streets at NYFW last week – including TKTK in her gorgeous canary yellow one.  It’s definitely an on-trend piece, and I’m totally on board.

There are so many different ways you can go with this trend. (And if I hadn’t waited so long to make a decision on one then I wouldn’t have missed my size in this Mango one.) There’s the super classic: a trench. This is one you really can wear year-round which is always nice. Another equally classic option is a camel version. You really can’t go wrong with a camel coat – sleeveless or not. (If I hadn’t waited so long to make a decision then I wouldn’t have missed my size in this Mango one.) I also love this gray one from Topshop. There’s no collar, making the silhouette even more streamlined. (This JOA one has a similar look but it’s under $150.) Or you can throw caution to the wind and go for it with a bright color. There’s this one from Tibi that’s pretty perfect. I love the pale blue hue. For something brighter: how about this red one? You can also score some good sea


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In honor of fashion week (read: month), why not add some fashion-editor-worthy touches to your home? I love it when One Kings Lane does this sale. I always find the coolest vintage things – like these lucite bookends and a pair of leopard x-benches, for example. There’s also some splurge-worthy extras for the closet, too (a vintage Rolex and a pair of Chanel earrings come to mind).

I’m always hesitant about wearing red lipstick. It’s a bold choice, and I’m always worried that I just can’t pull it off (even a red as good as this one). After taking a look through this list of fellow blondes donning a scarlet lip, I’m feeling a bit more confident to give it a try.

Brussel sprouts are one of those love it or hate it foods. I’m definitely in the former camp. I love them. I can’t get enough of them. If I see brussel sprouts on the menu, it’s pretty much guarenteed that I’m going to order them. What happens when you throw in a juicy apple and a couple of crunchy walnuts?

Nate Berkus has once again nailed it with his Target collection. The newest arrivals are some serious gems: a black-and-gold side tablegeometric additions, and gold accents like these candlesticks and this faceted vase. Did I mention that most of it is under $50? Sure is.

The last couple of days’ weather has been especially gray. It’s reminding me that the only way to brighten up the upcoming fall days is with a colorful coat. I happen to love the chartreuse hue of this one.

Speaking of color, spring is set to be a bright one. You can thank designers like Ralph Lauren for that. The American designer filled his runway with bold, saturated hues (and jewels to match!). Just one, quick look through this collection will put you in a cheery mood.




mi golondrina

This past weekend I took a quick (as in 36-hours-quick) trip to Mexico to attend a friend’s wedding. Traveling all that way for such a short amount of time can be a bit hectic but I’ll tell you one thing: it sure does makes packing super easy. A little fact about me: I’ll admit that I’m what you might call an “anxious packer.” Figuring out what to take (and what not to take…) on trips has never been an easy task for me. I feel the need to try on each and every thing before deciding whether to pack it which means that clothes end up everywhere (my husband and I refer to these times as “clothes attacks”). It’s silly, I know. But for whatever reason, that’s just how it goes for me.

That was not the case this time. When your trip time is 36 hours (six of which are spent actually traveling to and from the destination), that doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for outfit changes – especially when there’s a wedding involved. Here’s another thing that made my packing a cinch: my Mi Golondrina top. A weekend in Mexico pretty much requires Mi Golondrina. It was the first thing that went into my suitcase and the first thing I pulled out when I got there. After all my Instagrams, surely by now you all are aware of how much I adore this line. Designed by my adorable friend Cristina, each piece is hand-embroidered in a Oaxacan village. It’s not just tops, either. The collection includes dresses, pajamas and bedding. She’s even added baby dresses to the mix. (How adorable is this?) The materials keep getting better and the bright color combos are always irresistible.

I’m relishing these last few days where I’ll be able to dress in easy-breezy summer wares like this. The sandals will certainly need to be retired for the fall (though I’ve really gotten my wear out of them, wouldn’t you say?), and I’ll switch to a darker-wash denim. But the Mi Golondrina top (paired with jeans and my favorite booties) should be able to hold its own – at least for a little while, before it gets too chilly.

mi golondrina top mi golondrina top yellow celine tote mi golondrina top mi golondrina shirt detail mi golondrina top

Get the look:

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August and September have been exceptionally good months for books. From the French Riviera to Claiborne Swanson Frank’s new book, there has been no shortage of page-turners in my shopping cart. One of my favorite arrivals so far (though, trust me, it’s hard to choose just one) has been Dinner Diaries: Reviving the Art of the Hostess Book. Published by Assouline, the glossy tome follows the same format as their Proust “questionnaire” books (Wine Questionnaire, Fashion Questionnaire). This one focuses on the art of the dinner party and features questions such as “What was the greatest dinner party you ever attended?” and “What makes for a great guest?” You’ll find handwritten answers from expert hostesses around the world, including Ivanka Trump and chef Alex Hitz.  They cover every topic you can think of, too – lighting (candles or votives?), good hostess gifts, flatware preferences…everything! My favorite question is the topic of seating arrangements.  As someone that loves to entertain, I find seating arrangements to be one of the trickiest parts. It’s a crucial part to a any good dinner party, and it’s something every hostess strives to get right.

Throwing a good party is an art form. If you love to entertain, this book is a good one for your shelf. Or, even better, gift it to your favorite hostess.

dinner diaries book dinner diaries dinner diaries


elbows off the table
You know those times where you really want to remind somebody to use their manners (“stop chewing with your mouth open!”) but you feel awkward doing so? Well, why not let your napkins do the job for you? These embroidered napkins from Straw and Gold are embroidered with all kinds of cheeky little reminders. Talk about keeping your guests’ manners in check. (I know the “Sit Up Straight” one would be a really good reminder for me at the dinner table.) Regardless of social graces, these napkins would just be a fun set to have – not to mention, a really cute gift for your hostess at your next dinner party.

Lauren_StrawAndGold_0135 Lauren_StrawAndGold_0331 Lauren_StrawAndGold_0136


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jcrew blue stripe shirt

I love it when I can share that one of my closet staples has gone on major sale. Today is one of those days: my favorite stripe tunic from J.Crew is now under $100. I bought it earlier this summer and it quickly became a mainstay in my wardrobe (not surprising, of course, considering that it’s my favorite combo of blue/white stripes). It’s one of the things from summer that will definitely be sticking around for fall and winter. Here’s why: the silk amps it up and makes it just a bit fancier than my usual cotton stripe tees, and since it’s technically a “tunic,” the length lends itself nicely to layering underneath sweaters like this one. The best part? (Besides the fact that it’s on sale along with this adorable thing.) That neon trim, obviously. It adds a touch of whimsy to an otherwise classic – but a bit serious – top. Neon + stripes + on sale? That’s a winning combination.

5N2A96141 5N2A96021 5N2A9617 jcrew shirt 5N2A96031

Shop the look:


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Thanks to Moda Operandi, I’ve been introduced to a new artist: Justina Blakeney. Have you seen her Face the Foilage  jewelry series she created for the retailer? They’re incredible. It’s magical (especially Twiggy’s). It’s jewelry like you’ve never seen it before.

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop my reading list. I’m still in the midst of reading this book and listening to this audiobook, but as soon as I’m finished with those, I’ll be on to something new. With the help of Vogue’s Fall Books Guide , I’ll be able to pick a new read in no time.

Mango’s first shipment of fall is in – and they’re really, really good. From super-chic coats (under $150) to tailored blazers to sweaters in the perfect shade of winter-white, the new collection is one that will carry you through the fall season. (If you’ve got your heart set on a print for your fall coat, there’s only one to buy and it’s this one.)

What do you get when you combine Rice Chex cereal, dark chocolate, caramel and marshmallows? These delicious Millionaire’s Chex Bars. Talk about a yummy weekend treat. Yes, please!

There’s nothing like a beautiful film to inspire wanderlust – especially when Paris is involved. Here, 15 movies that will have you wanting to book your flights to the City of Lights. Or at least give you a list of movies to add to your Netflix.

What’s shiny and gold and leopard all over? C. Wonder’s appetizer plates. Pretty fantastic, right? You can score a set of four for just $48. (I’m going to go ahead and buy two sets.) Talk about a perfect addition to cocktail hour – especially for the holidays!





It’s certainly not even close to fall weather here. It’s hot, hot, hot and that shows no sign of changing any time soon. However, that has no bearing on my preparation for the cooler temperatures to come. I’m in the mood for fall clothes – sweaters, lots of leather, and my boots. I may not be wearing any of it right now but that doesn’t mean I can’t shop for it. At the top of my fall shopping list? A jacket from Veronica Beard. The sisters-in-law (both named Veronica Beard, both Cancers, and both adorably chic) have created an oh-so-perfect jacket for the season. It’s not new. In fact, it’s become their signature style. I, however, am late to the party. I eyed a couple of them last season but never followed through on a purchase. I knew it was a mistake when I continued to think about the jacket long after it had been sold. I’m not going to make that error this year. Sign me up for this one.

Why is it so perfect? First of all, there’s nothing more classic than a single-button blazer. It’s something you wear forever – and ever. It never goes out of style. It’s timeless. This one, though,  is extra special because it has the cable-knit dickey that comes with it. It’s removable and simply zips in our out of the blazer. That means you can wear the blazer now and when the cold-weather season rolls around, add this cozy layer. It’s layering without actually having to layer. You know what I mean?

It comes in several colors combinations, including bordeaux with gray and black with black, and gray with gray. But I’m partial to the navy with white. It’s always been my favorite. The new, longer version is really interesting, too. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, then take a peek at this one. I love the material combo and the sweatshirt hoodie is such a cool addition. Like I said, I’m not going to miss the boat on this one this year. This is one jacket that’s definitely worth the splurge.

(Side note: The jackets aren’t the only amazing VB things. The entire collection is pretty fantastic. Think super-chic classics like this peplum top and this tiger-print dress that would be perfect with tights this fall. It’s all worth a look.)


Images via Tory Burch