event   //   January 10, 2012


While we’re on the subject of brights, I thought I would take this time to invite you all to PHENOMENON. Mark February 4th on your calendars because you won’t want to miss this event! In celebration of legendary artist Shepard Fairey’s citywide mural project, we are hosting a neon-themed (that’s right!) dance extravaganza DJ’d by the artist himself at the Dallas Contemporary. There will be a selection of Dallas’ best food trucks with tasty treats, along with some fantastic cocktails for the evening. And, of course, we’ve got some neon-tastic party decor (one word: glow bar) to light up the night. I’ve been working on this event with my co-chairs Meghan Looney and Hannah Hofffman, along with the Dallas Contemporary team, and I can promise you it’s going to be an amazing night! You can purchase tickets for $50 each right here. I would love to see you all there! 
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