this and that   //   June 8, 2012


Even though I love my e-mail account and I can’t imagine going without it, I certainly don’t use it as a means for all communication. For instance, I’m a firm believer that thank you notes should always be sent in the form of handwritten letter, and birthdays are made oh-so-much-more special when a card is received via the USPS instead of g-mail. I’m a snail mail girl at heart. Plus – new stationary and letterpress cards are one of my greatest pleasures. My latest go-to source for new paper products? Sugar Paper. I’m obsessed. This Los Angeles-based store carries everything from thank you notes to monogram stationary to just-for-fun cards. All of which are offered in a vast array of fun colors, of course! (If you still haven’t  picked up a Father’s Day Card, be sure to check our their selection.) The “xoxo” note set is one of my favorites – simple and pretty, and perfect for sending little love letters! 
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