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How much do you love that pink chimney? I took one look at that image and I knew I needed to see more. Lucky for me, the former owner of that pink chimney happens to be a friend of mine, Avery Cox. I e-mailed her immediately asking her to send me images so I could share them with you all. Not only is Avery an incredibly talented interior designer, but she’s also got a blog that you’ll want to add to your bookmarks! This lady is über-creative and has an amazing eye for color (she’s the daughter of one of my favorite artists, after all). Aren’t these photos dreamy? I love the peek of her clothing along the side wall of her bedroom (Avery described her teeny apartment as a “walk-in closet”). Take a peek at these photos and then head over to her blog Ornamental Habit to get a daily dose of inspiration.

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