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honestly yum

Sometimes when I do these “you need to know about” posts, I picture you all sitting there reading it and saying, “Um. I’ve known about this for 10 months now.” I’m not sure if that’s the case with this one, but I’m posting it anyway. Honestly YUM. (It’s the brainchild of the team behind Honestly WTF – which means you know it’s good.) The site is dedicated to all things food-related – cocktails, entertaining tips, recipes, party DIYs (everyone should have access to step-by-step piñata-making directions). Apparently it’s been around since March (where was I?!), but I just now discovered it while perusing recipes on Pinterest. They’ve some seriously delish things on there. For instance, that ricotta crostini up there. Um, yum. And this margarita? Sounds pretty perfect to me. (This site might help with that “kitchen confidence” thing I mentioned a few weeks ago.) I love how they incorporate simple party DIYs and inspiration in there, too. You basically leave the site wanting to throw a party. Like right now.

honestly yum honestly yum honestly yum

All photos via Honestly Yum

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