style   //   June 19, 2013


hannah rampley

Thanks to a quick perusal of Gadabout’s blog (the girl has such a good eye!), I’m now in love with the work of Hannah Rampley. The textile designer and illustrator is inspired by her hometown along with the patterns in everyday objects to create her hand-dyed and screen printed fabrics. Have you ever seen anyone else make a vegetable or a fruit look so good? Those colors! What’s even more amazing is that the artist has just graduated this month (just think about what you were doing right after graduation). What a talented young lady! They’re just such bright, happy prints. Of course, they would be perfect in a beach house (hello!), but I also think it would be amazing to have one of these prints as a wallpaper lining the entry hall of a house. Or maybe in a powder room? What do you think? You can tell that I’ve clearly already planned it all out in my imaginary home. Check out more of her work online.

hannah rampley hannah rampley hannah rampley

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