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biologique recherche p50 toners


At this time tomorrow, I’ll be in Paris. Yippee! There are so many fun things on this trip’s agenda, but one of the activities I’m most looking forward to is my facial appointment at Biologique Recherche. I rarely ever make time for beauty treatments like this while in Paris, but since this is a girls trip (my mom and sister will be joining me), it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it. For the uninitiated, Biologique Recherche is a French skincare line that’s been around for over 40 (!) years and is beloved by beauty editors, models and the like. As someone who is a devout believer in all things Biologique, this facial appointment feels like a super special treat. I sort of feel like I’m visiting the home of a celebrity or something. Is that weird?

The Biologique line includes a range of products, but there’s one that stands out as the shining star and it’s the Lotion P50.  It is the brand’s Holy Grail. If you read beauty blogs like Into the Gloss or peruse the product reviews in Vogue or Allure, you’ve no doubt heard of it. This stuff is pop-u-lar. But is the hype worth it? Yes, yes, yes. I started drinking the P50 koolaid a little over six months ago and all I can say is, what took me so long?

So, what is the P50 lotion? Well, it’s not a lotion. Not at all. It’s an exfoliating toner that’s meant to hydrate and balance the skin’s pH. It’s not a one-size-fits-all product. There are seven different versions, each with slightly different strengths and targets. At the recommendation of an aesthetician (Joanna Czech. If you’re in Dallas, go there now. Magical!), I alternate between two: the PIGM400 (this one is for hyperpigmentation) and the P50V 1970. The latter is the OG version of P50. It’s the strongest of the bunch, and because I have sensitive skin, I only use this one every other day. Regardless of which version used, the routine is the same: after I cleanse (currently using a combo of this and this ), I apply the P50 with a cotton swab and let it soak in before moving along to serum and, finally, moisturizer. I do this morning and night. The P50 has a strong smell and there’s definitely a little stinging that happens (more so with the 1970 version) but both disappear quickly and and are well worth the results. Since I started using the P50, my skin has not only gotten brighter (the dark spots are fading!), but the the overall texture of my skin is so much smoother. Not to mention, I haven’t seen a breakout in months. Miracle product? You bet.

Note: the P50 isn’t super easy to find. It’s kind of annoying. As far as I know, the only place you can order it online is through Rescue Spa – but even then you have to register, etc. If you’re in Dallas, you can find it at The Joule spa and Joanna Czech, which is where I buy it. I’ve also heard of people calling Joanna Czech and ordering it over the phone and having it shipped.

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