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rag & bone fedoraRAG & BONE Wool Fedora // RAG & BONE Blazer (old) // ZARA Sweater // VINCE Leather Leggings // GIVENCHY Bag // RAG & BONE Boots

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things I rarely do is wear one designer head-to-toe. It’s just never been my style, and I like to mix and match way too much. My looks are almost always a mash up of different designers which results in a mix of various textures and patterns. That’s just how I like it. It didn’t even occur to me until I was labeling these photos that I was basically breaking my own rule. With the exception of my sweater and my leather leggings (which I love and can’t stop wearing, by the way), this look is pretty much all Rag & Bone. I shouldn’t be surprised seeing as a good portion of my closet is the brand. They’ve just always made pieces that turn out to be my very favorites. I’m a devotee of their jeans (I have this pair in at least four colors), and I cannot get enough of their Newbury booties. I wear them day-in and day-out. There just isn’t a better boot out there. (Although their newest “Kendall” style could be a very close second.)

My latest purchase is a new one for me: a wool fedora. I have a great straw fedora that I wear all the time during the summer, but I’ve never had a great winter hat. Until now. This one is perfect. It’s not too small, not too big, and I love the leather detailing that wraps around. (Note: This J.Crew one looks equally fantastic and it’s half the price.) It looks like Rag & Bone has managed to add another favorite to my closet.

rag & bone fedora rag & bone fedorarag & bone newbury booties rag & bone fedora rag & bone newbury booties luella & june


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