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JINsoon For Tibi Spring/Summer 2014

white with pink white1 Band-Outsiders-Spring-2014 9372477664_d48fa24f3c_oWHITE986e707eff9dbddd0936991cd954bfafessie white nails

My nails alternate between no color and extreme color. I’m not an in-between gal when it comes to my nails – no dusty pinks or pale purples for me. I love a super punchy red-orange (“Clambake” is almost always my go-to but I also love this color from Chanel) or something with a little more pink like this coral from Tom Ford. Most of time, though, I opt for the simple route and go with a clear polish or one coat of Essie’s Marshmallow. I really just can’t pull of the chipped-nail look so sometimes it’s just easier to go for no color at all. However, lately I’ve noticed lots of gals sporting super bright-white nails. It looks like white-out. In fact, it reminds me of when I used to paint white-out on my nails in middle school. Anyone else? But this time, it’s so much chicer. I’m actually kind of love in love with this trend. I’ve tried this one on my toes before but never my nails. I just bought Chanel’s “Eastern Light” and it’s one of my new favorites. (Leave it to Chanel to make even white polish look amazing.) I also love Essie’s “Blanc.” It’s certainly not my usual sheer but it looks so fresh for summer. I’ve been wearing so much all-white lately that I might as well add it to my nails, too. What do you think? Do you like the white nail trend?

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