outfits   //   October 23, 2017


bradley agather means // via luella & june

J.CREW Shirt // MOUSSY Jeans // KATE SPADE NEW YORK Sandals (similar here)

Shoe designers should really start adding a year marker to their designs. They could designate just a tiny spot either inside the shoe or even on the sole that would have the year of the design. If this was something they did then I would be able to tell you the exact year that my mom bought these Kate Spade shoes. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. All I know is that they’re from a long time ago. I know this because of where I found them: in the very back of what my mom calls “the costume closet.” (There are always gems to be found in a costume closet, right?) The only things that end up in that closet are, yes, costumes and then those oldies-but-goodies that you don’t really wear anymore but can’t quite seem to part with. These were part of the latter.

I’m really glad these heels were one of those things because they’re my new favorite pair. The truth is I thought they were new when I first found them. They look like a lot of the pairs that I’m seeing in stores right now. (They’re basically a green version of these, no?) I’m giving these oldies a second life and wearing them with everything – jeans, cocktail dresses, cropped pants, skirts, you name it. (Just think of how much fun they’re going to be when the holidays roll around.) What’s old really is new again.

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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