outfits   //   November 22, 2017


classic ralph lauren sweater // luella & june

RALPH LAUREN Sweater (also available here) // MOUSSY Jeans

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. (Is Christmas really just a month away?) Per tradition, I’ll be spending Turkey Day in West Texas with my husband’s family. It’s a perfect place to spend the holiday. Not only does my mother-in-law make a delicious feast on Thanksgiving day, but it’s the perfect place to rest up before the hustle and bustle of December. The agenda is a lot fun nothings – reading, playing games (lots of Spades), watching movies, and, of course, plenty of eating. This makes the task of packing fairly simple – though it doesn’t mean that my suitcase is any lighter than usual. (A light packer I am not.) My current packing list looks something like this: a couple of pairs of denim (one light-wash, one dark), this two striped t-shirts, way more sweaters than I need (this onethis one, and this one), a wear-with-everything scarf, my puffer vest, this jacket (it’s a perfect layering piece), these mules, my sneakers, and a pair of boots. Add in my book plus a hefty stack of magazines and it’s everything I need for a cozy holiday weekend. What’s in your suitcase?

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