culture   //   May 15, 2018


1. Sandals // 2. Shorts // 3. Hat // 4. Body Oil // 5. Bag // 6. Necklace // 7. Dress // 8. Bag // 9. Sunglasses // 10. Book // 11. Beauty Palette // 12. Earrings // 13. Lip Balm // 14. Swimsuit

With two trips on the books over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be pretty much living out of my suitcase. The good news is that I’m ahead of it and getting organized now. This weekend, I’m headed to Palm Springs with a group of girlfriends. For that, I’m planning on packing very little – probably just this swimsuit, a coverup, these simple under-$75 sandals I found, and a dress or two. The next week, I’m headed on another sun-filled trip: Jamaica. That’s where I’ll be spending the holiday weekend. (Can you believe we’ve already reached the Memorial Day?) This long-weekend vacation has me pulling out all my warm-weather favorites – both new and old. The agenda is super relaxed – lots of sun and plenty of rum punches. With that in mind, my suitcase will be filled with swimsuits, this caftan, lots of easy-breezy dresses, and one (maybe two) pairs of sandals. In a nutshell: all of the above – and perhaps a bit more.

Headed somewhere for the holiday weekend? Tell me where in the comments.

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