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glossier cloud paint

GLOSSIER Cloud Paint

No beauty product has remained quite as elusive to me as a cream blush. I’ve tried a million different ones and though I’ve managed to nail down a couple (this one and this one) that I like, I’ve never found one that I love. Until now, that is. I’ve been using Glossier’s Cloud Paint for several months and can officially say it’s the best cream blush I’ve ever used. What’s so great about it? It.does.not.streak. The trouble I’ve had with a lot of cream blushes is that they simply do not blend. Even the tiniest bit of color would end up looking way too bright and streaky across my cheeks. This is not the case with Cloud Paint. This stuff really blends. I apply a small dollop to my fingertips and then tap-tap-tap on my cheekbones. The result is a dewy, very natural-looking flush. And that’s kind of always the goal, right?

Packaged in the most adorable (and very packable!) little tubes, Cloud Paint comes in four shades: Beam, Haze, Puff and Dusk. The only one I haven’t tried is Dusk. Of the three that I have tried, Puff and Beam are the ones I like the most. (There’s nothing wrong with Haze. It just happens to be too much of a berry-pink for me.) Puff gives my cheeks the most perfect rosy pink, while Beam takes on more of a warm, peachy tone. If I blend the two, as I often do, it turns into a soft coral-pink that reminds me a little bit of the color I get from my beloved Nars “Orgasm” blush. (Side note: Lately, I’ve been topping it off with a touch of highlighter – usually this one or this one. Gives such a good glow!) I should also point out that in the past, cream blush is usually something I’ve stayed away from during the warmer months, but this one is so lightweight that I won’t have to do that. In other words, this stuff won’t start to look like it’s melting on those hot Texas days. This is a blush I can use all summer long.

(Bonus: All Glossier products come packaged in this pink plastic pouch. Adorable, yes, and also extremely handy for travel.)

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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