culture   //   August 13, 2018


the best way to spend a sunday //

Until a couple of years ago, Sunday was my least favorite day of the week. (I even liked Mondays more!) It used to be a day that left me feeling lonely and blue. In college, I attributed this feeling to homesickness. When the same feeling stuck around after I graduated, I called it anxiety. It wasn’t until I decided to reframe my idea of “Sunday” that this feeling of doom and gloom disappeared. I no longer think of Sunday as the day before Monday, but rather just part of the weekend. The major changes I’ve made include not sitting down at my desk (I inevitably get sucked into work if I do), decreasing my social media use (this one is difficult) and screen time by leaving my phone charging on my bedside table when I’m home, and, most importantly, dedicating two full hours to doing something (anything!) that I enjoy that doesn’t include the TV. This last one has proved the most beneficial. I love my Netflix but I’ve found that it’s a slippery slope for me. One episode always turns into five more, and laying on the couch all day on Sunday just never makes me feel good. Instead, I do things like catch up on my magazines (this one always makes me feel strangely productive), bake (usually cookies), or take Lucy on a walk in a new area. I’m extremely type-A so setting “rules” like these help lessen the anxiety I used to feel on Sundays. Checking these boxes has helped to put a much more positive spin on Sunday. Don’t get me wrong: the Sunday Scaries still occasionally creep up on me, but a lot less often.

What do you do to cure your Sunday blues?

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