looks   //   June 14, 2013


white on whiteGAP Shirt // JOES’S JEANS Denim Shorts // Scarf (picked it up in Harbour Island. This one is similar-ish.) //CHAN LUU Multi-Color Tassel Necklace // CHAN LUU Green Beaded Skull Charm Necklace // ANCIENT GREEK Sandals

There’s not a color (or non-color?) I like to wear more than white. This is accurate pretty much year-round, but never more true than in the summer. I own way too many of these types of easy-breezy blouses (I wore this one three times this week), and I pretty much alternate between my favorite white jeans and my white denim shorts. I would wear white-on-white everyday if I could – and most days, I do. It’s just such a clean, fresh color – not to mention, it keeps me cool during these warm (more like scorching if you’re in Texas) weather months. I also love that it’s like a blank canvas making it easy add color and print with accessories. I usually throw a printed scarf into the mix and then add some fun jewelry. I adore these Chan Luu necklaces (perfect for layering over this other Chan Luu skull necklace). It also makes for easy packing. I usually just throw in several white favorites and then just change my day-to-day look with accessories. Simple as that.

chan luu necklaces white on white blue and white layered necklacesPhotos by Molly Miller

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