outfits   //   November 5, 2018


SAM. Sweater // J.CREW Sweater // TOTÊME Jeans // REYINA PYO Heels 

As someone who thrives off of having a schedule, not having one can make me a little crazy. This past weekend was one of those rare times. With the exception of a Sunday brunch, I had not one other thing on the calendar. Free and clear. Initially, I felt a little anxious. Is that totally weird? It’s not that I like to have a jam-packed schedule (I definitely don’t want that), but I do like to have one or two things to ground the day. Anyone else feel me on this?

My response to this was to make a to-do list of all those things I had been needing to do around the house (clean out closets, etc.) and errands I needed to run. Just making that list eased the anxiety I was feeling. And then guess what? I did basically nothing on that list. I did clean out one tiny closet but other than that, nothing. Do I feel unproductive? Not really. It turned out to be exactly what I needed: I slept in (that never happens!), did a little shopping (ordered this and these), took walks with Lucy, and managed to finish my book and start a new one, too. I feel rested, and it feels really good. Lesson: sometimes the most “unproductive” weekends can actually be the most productive. Now, I’m ready to kick things into gear and get this week going.

Happy Monday!

Photos by Lindsey Weitzel

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