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maje dress

Do you feel like you have more weddings than you do Saturdays? I’ve got three coming up – and they’re all out of town! ‘Tis the season, right? With that in mind, I’ve been trying to select dresses for the occasions now rather than wait until the last minute like I usually do. Every wedding seems to call for something different – black tie, cocktail, casual, garden party – which can make finding the right dress quite tricky sometimes. The good news is that Nordstrom has an entire boutique dedicated to making the search a little less difficult. My rule is always to just keep it simple – and obviously white is never an option. Even though black is an easy choice, (and I do love this dress), I really try to steer clear of it for spring and summer weddings. It’s a personal preference but I just like wearing color (something like this) to weddings. It is a happy occasion, after all!

Here’s what I like about this particular dress from Maje: not only does the the meshy fabric gives it a bouncy, feminine shape but it’s also nearly impossible to wrinkle which makes it ideal when I’m packing for destination weddings. It’s also one of the most comfortable dresses I’ve ever put on. How can you beat that?

bradley agather maje dress maje dress make dress + celine pouch zipper detail


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Photos by Molly Miller

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