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Various Keytags: you’ve no doubt heard about these by now. But just in case you haven’t, I felt the need to post because I love them that much.

I first came across them last summer in an issue of House Beautiful. We were just finishing up renovations on the house and with all the new keys, it was the perfect time to stock up on some new tags for them. These keychains are nothing fancy. (They actually remind me of something you might find at an office supply store.) They’re simple and straightforward – and that’s what I like about them. The minimalistic design combined with the messages you can personalize them with are what make them so great. You can go with sweet and sentimental (“First Home”) or purely practical (“House Keys”) or you can think totally out of the box and put something funny on there that makes you laugh. Here’s another thing I love about these: with a price tag of just $15, they make the best giftsFrom friends who just bought their first homes to inside jokes between girls, I’ve had so much fun making these as little presents.  I, of course, went the practical route with my own: they’re orange and one says “Mailbox” and the other has our address. How boring! Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I’ve got plenty of other ideas up my sleeve. I’ve also been following along with the company’s Instagram which provides endless inspiration – and lots of laughs, too.

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Images via Various Keytags

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