beauty   //   April 9, 2014



I’ve mentioned to you all before that I’m a minimalist when it comes to my makeup. I’m not a product junkie with new colors (except for maybe when it comes to a new nail polish), and I pretty much just stick to the basics. Those basics for me include a tinted moisturizer, a translucent powder (this is a new thing for me and I really love it), a rosy blush, a little Aquaphor, and, finally, under eye concealer.  This last one is probably the most important for me. The circles underneath my eyes are getting worse. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get, the dark circles are there.

At a recent facial, the aesthetician told me that my under eyes were extremely dehydrated. I’m religious about applying eye cream morning and night, so I attributed this dehydration to the concealer I had been using. While it’s quick and easy (not to mention, affordable), I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of alcohol in there that was drying out my skin. I realized it was time for a switch. My first thought was the one and only Cle de Peau. Every single makeup artist, magazine article, and beauty blog raves about this one. I tried it. It’s not for me. (Am I the only person in the whole world that feels this way?) It was too thick and just ended up looking cakey on my face. I really think concealer depends on your skin. It’s going to be different for every single person. I also think the concealer that works for underneath your eyes isn’t necessarily the right one to use hide blemishes, etc. Since I’ve had such great luck with Laura Mercier‘s products, I figured I should give her concealer a go. I’m pretty sure I’ve found my match – or matches, really. It’s a combination of two products – the Secret Concealer plus the Brightening Powder  that seems to work magic for me. The concealer goes on smoothly (especially if you apply it after a little bit of this) and covers up any darkness or redness. I finish it off by setting it with a quick sweep (a little bit goes a long way here) of the powder. This powder really does what it claims: brightens. It adds some lightness to my under eyes so I actually look awake. I have found that this is especially true  if you put a little extra in the inner-corner of your eyes.

Has anyone else tried Laura Mercier’s concealer or have a similar under eye routine? I would love to hear your thoughts and/or recommendations.


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