accessories   //   November 12, 2015


I’ve never been one that piles on the jewelry. (An armful of bangles might the only exception here.) I’ve always applied the “less-is-more” approach, and I prefer to let one statement piece be the major focus. Sometimes it’s an interesting necklace or a thick cuff (so obsessed with this one), but most of the time, it’s the big earrings I rely on to do the talking. A pair of statement earrings can totally transform even the simplest outfit – which is especially useful during the holiday season. Sometimes (read: a lot of times) I’ll just wear all black and reach for a pair of party earrings to give my look that festive touch. (Think: this top, these pants, and these earrings. Done.) And while I really love the Oscar tassel earrings, there’s plenty of fab options out there that aren’t quite so pricey. (This pair: $13.) Shop the slideshow for 15 of my under-$100 favorites.


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