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Last week was a cold week for Texas. I’m talking snow, ice, sleet – the whole shebang. The first snow day was fun (who doesn’t love an excuse to stay inside and watch these all day?), and the second was productive because I basically checked off all that cleaning and organizing I’ve been procrastinating. By the third day, though, I was over it. I am over it. The cold weather, the hibernation, all of it. I seriously have never been so ready for warm and sunny weather. In the midst of all that cleaning, I decided to pull out some of my spring favorites that I can’t wait to wear. (Perhaps by bringing those things out, spring will get here sooner? The whole “if you build it, they will come” philosophy? Anyone?) Two of those favorites came straight from Tory Burch: the Tory Tunic and the Lipsi one-piece suit. They’re both a part of Tory Burch’s swim section, and they both deserve to be packed in a suitcase headed for warm weather.

I’m no stranger to the designer’s tunics (hello, pineapples) and the “Tory” style is a classic. It’s been so popular, in fact, that she just continues to update it every season in new fabrics and prints. I manage to scoop up at least two (this one is next!) every spring. They’re made from the lightest cotton voile fabric, making them super easy and breezy for the warm-weather months. Here’s the kicker: the length is perfect. You know those awkward-length tops that are too short to wear as a dress but feel too long over jeans? I hate that. This tunic is definitely not that. It hits in the ideal spot to wear both over my white jeans or on its own as a cover-up – preferably over this one-piece, thank you. Or this one! Or this bikini. I seriously love all of TB’s newest suits. Beach, anyone?

Spring can’t come soon enough.

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