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bradley agather with olympia le-tan book clutch

REBECCA DE RAVENEL Earrings // ROKSANDA Top (also available in black  and coral) // OLYMPIA LE-TAN Clutch // J BRAND Jeans // PAUL ANDREW Flats

It’s rare to have an accessory – especially a handbag – that combines three of your very (very, very!) favorite things. But this little clutch from Olympia Le-Tan does exactly that. It’s a fusion of one of my most-loved books shot by a favorite photographer (Slim Aarons) on the subject of my all-time favorite places, Hotel Il Pellicano. (It couldn’t be any better if I imagined it!) Needless to say, this clutch is very special to me. It would totally make my grab-in-case-of-fire list.

I’ve been eyeing Olympia Le-Tan’s book-clutches for years. (Look at the colors on this one!) As both an art lover and a bookworm, these bags just really speak to me. Crafted from silk thread and felt appliqué, each limited-edition bag is hand-embroidered (the detail on this one is amazing) to resemble some of literature’s most-loved covers. (Side note: this one is especially appropriate for our current climate, don’t you think?) Oh but the detail doesn’t stop there: Le-Tan takes it one step farther and lines the interior of each bag with a beautiful Liberty of London fabric. Swoon. There are just so many good ones, too, including this Hemingway one that I love. Each one is truly better than the next. I’ve never seen art, literature, and fashion come together quite so beautifully.

roksanda bell-sleeve top // olympia le-tan book clutch

roksanda bell-sleeve top // olympia le-tan book clutch

les bonbons earrings // olympia le-tan book clutch

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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