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Well, it finally feels like November. We got our first dose of cold weather last week and it looks like it’s here to stay. (One never really knows in Texas. It could be 80 degrees on Thanksgiving Day and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit.) I’ve been taking advantage of the cooler temperatures by doing my favorite cold-weather things: staying in, burning this candle non-stop, catching up on my stack of mags (I finally read through the new Bon Appétit and it’s oh-so-good.), making lots of these soups, and, best of all, cozying up in my all my favorite winter-wear.

There’s nothing I look forward to wearing more during this time of year than my chunky sweaters. Is there anything cozier than a thick knit? I pulled out a huge stack from hibernation over the weekend – along with buying this new one from J.Crew, too. Whether you’re a turtleneck person (I am) or not, a good, heavy sweater is a must-have in your fall/winter closet. While jeans are my most frequent pairing, I wear mine with a mini-skirt and tights or pair of cropped pants to cocktail parties and such, too. (I have a black one that I wear with my leather pants all the time to dressier things.) Dressed-up, dress-down – anything goes with an essential like this.

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