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gingham shirt

After seeing my little sister sport this gingham shirt, I quickly ran out to J.Crew and bought my own. And after two weeks of pretty much wearing it non-stop (no, really – nonstop), I jumped online and ordered it in two more colors. (Along with this polka-dot one I just got, it’s officially my favorite casual basic this season.)

In fact, that’s pretty much the story with every piece you see in this look. They’re all my fall favorites. These are the things I wear so often that it’s necessary to own them in more than one color. The jeans, for example, are probably my fifth pair of Frame Denim.  After wearing my white cropped pair so often, I realized this length really works well with sneakers and ballet flats so I opted for both the black and blue pair. Both have been excellent decisions. Clare V. has become a new favorite of mine since I bought her leopard clutch. The quality can’t be beat and the size – large enough for a mini-iPad but not so big that you feel like you’re carrying a portfolio – is ideal. I figured it was time to invest in another and this decided to go with a true leather version this time. I tossed around the idea of the plain brown leather but then I saw this polka-dot version and knew it was the one. The dots are the best addition – just whimsical enough. (For the record: her silver metallic will without a doubt be my next one. It’s too good to pass up.) When you find those things that just work for you, those pieces that just make getting dressed easier, go ahead: buy it in more than one color. You won’t regret it.

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Photos by Molly Miller


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