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When it comes to summer essentials, there are lots of things that come to mind: several pairs of my favorite white jeans, comfy espadrilles, and a tunic that doubles as both a pool cover-up and the perfect top for a night-out are all among them. (Ok. And maybe a pineapple pool float, too.) There’s one item, however, that always, always, always tops that list: SPF.

I’m not trying to sound like your mom right now but sun protection really is the most important thing you can do for your skin. As someone who suffers from rosacea (using this right now and loving it), I consider it my number one essential. I apply this sunscreen (the absolute lightest, most amazing stuff ever) every single day of the year – even on the coldest, cloudiest days! –  but during the summer, my sun protection takes on other, more fashionable forms, too. From my new favorite swimsuit to the packable (!) hat I take with me on every single beach vacay, these are three (chic) ways I’m protecting my skin this summer.

1. Thanks to Cover, SPF has never looked chicer. The Dallas-based line focuses on sun-conscious swimwear with a UPF 50+, meaning it will block out 98% of UV rays. Even if you don’t care about SPF (though you definitely should), you’ll still want one of these suits. They’re that cute. I’m obsessed with my new long-sleeve maillot and I’m already thinking about purchasing a second one in this print.

2. Just because I don’t consider myself “sporty” (snorkeling is about as active as I get at the beach), doesn’t mean I can’t wear a rash guard. In the past month, I’ve purchased this fancy palm-print one (I’m pairing it with simple black bottoms) along with this classic red-and-white stripe one.  (Speaking of sporty, I’m also a fan of these Athleta tops for outdoor walks on sunny days.) It’s kind of fun to channel my inner surfer-girl.

3. I saved the best for last: straw hats. Love them so, so much. They’re my summer accessory of choice and lucky for me, there’s no shortage of cute ones. I feel like they just keep getting more adorable (I mean… just look at this one.). For pool days, I’m all about this one (the wider the brim, the better!) and even though my Panama-style hat doesn’t offer excellent sun protection, I still find myself reaching for this J.Crew one over and over.

Note: Packing hats can be really annoying. They’re not suitcase-friendly and even if you manage to get one to fit in your luggage, it almost always ends up totally bent and out of shape. Am I right? That’s why you need to know about Eric Javits. The line offers the cutest PACKABLE hats. Take a peek here and here. It’s a beach-dream come true.

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