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I think I may have mentioned to you all a time or two before that I suffer from packing anxiety. What I’m talking about is the angst that comes several days before I know I have to start packing my bags to head out of town. I like to think of myself as generally low-mantainance (most of the time) when it comes to traveling, but the packing part gets me every time. I’m always so unorganized about it. I wait until the very last minute to start (I call this #packingprocrastination) which inevitably leads to major overpacking (was it really necessary for me to check an overweight back for my three-day trip to NYC last week?). What I need is a tool to help me tackle this problem – and I think I’ve got the one.

Enter Stylebook’s iPad app. The app lets me upload pictures of all of my clothing – all it takes it a quick snap! – so that I have a digital inventory of my closet. Once they’re uploaded, I am able to create outfits using all of the different pieces in my closet, and then save them on there. This means I can plan my outfits anytime, anywhere. Seeing as I tend to procrastinate the packing, that part will really help me. That means I can plan out what I’m going to pack even when I’m not at home (waiting for a reservation, while I’m getting my hair cut…). I can save outfit inspiration on there, too. There’s even a calendar feature that will let me plan it out by day if I so choose. That might also come in handy on a Sunday night if you’re organized enough to plan your week’s outfits out ahead of time. I am not that organized. Not yet at least. This app might change that.

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