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I think we can all agree that white t-shirts are a crucial part of a person’s wardrobe. They’re a non-negotiable essential. But finding the perfect one is no easy task. Fact: not all white t-shirts are created equal. There’s lots to consider here. First, the fit has to be just right. If it’s too boxy then I won’t be able to layer it underneath sweaters and blazers. But the flip side of that is too fitted – and I definitely don’t want that. Length is important, too. A lot of tees end up being way too short to tuck into jeans. Lastly, there’s the issue of material. Is it thick or thin? Too thick and you end up with a t-shirt that’s stiff, but too thin usually means too sheer (read: see through). The struggle is real.

Needless to say, I’ve done my research. (There’s no telling how many white t-shirts I’ve tried over the years.) While the search is always on, I have managed to find several favorites that I would classify as perfect – or very close to it. Herewith, four white t-shirts you’ll always find in my closet.

1. Hanes x Karla “Crew Tee” ($30)

This one is the newest addition to the lineup. Karla Welch is one of my favorite stylists so it’s no surprise that her collaboration with Hanes produced one of the best white t-shirts in my closet. It’s becomes my go-to basic. The length and material (the perfect thickness) make it ideal for layering. The cut is slightly boxy but not overly so. I bought a size Small and even after an accidental trip in the extra-hot drier, it didn’t shrink or lose shape. Tip: buy this one in bulk.

2. Adam Lippes Pima Cotton T-Shirt ($95)

Thanks to it’s slimmer cut, this is the one I’m most often wearing tucked into jeans with no layers. The quality is amazing and even though the cotton feels lighter to the touch, it’s not at all see-through. This is the t-shirt I wear when I need something a touch dressier. (Fun fact: I never travel without this t-shirt in both white and black packed in my suitcase.)

3. Kule “The Modern” T-Shirt ($68)

I loved my striped version of this tee so much that I decided to give the white one a try. Good news: just like its striped counterpart, no detail has been spared. The cotton has a perfect thickness, and the length is ideal for tucking into jeans, but not so long that it looks weird left untucked. As you can see from mine, it’s also a perfect t-shirt for a monogram. Put your own stamp on it!

4. Everlane “Cotton Crew” ($16)

Everlane always nails the basics and their white crewneck tee is no exception. The fit is on the slimmer side so I love this one for pairing underneath blazers. It’s super soft but not too sheer. The best part? It’s $16. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one.

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