outfits   //   August 7, 2017


AMO T-Shirt (also available here) // MOUSSY Jeans // MINNIE & EMMA iPhone Case

I’m a warm-weather girl at heart, but these strings of days with triple-digit temps are too much even for me. However, there is one silver lining and that is all the forced time spent inside can lead to a very productive Sunday.

As much as I love a lazy Sunday (read: Netflix + snacks), sometimes the exact opposite can be just as good. Since I’m leaving town in a couple of days, a productive Sunday was exactly what I needed. I spent pretty much the entire day in this t-shirt (so soft, by the way!) and jeans, just crossing things off my to-do list. Laundry? Check. Grocery store? Check. (Speaking of groceries, have you all tried these almond butter snack packs? They’re a new discovery for me. I’m totally addicted.) I even managed to start and finish (!) a much-needed clean out of my cosmetic drawer. (I took it one step farther, too, and even washed my makeup brushes.) Sundays like that make Mondays not seem so scary. The only thing left to do? Pack my suitcase! Wish me luck on that one.

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