beauty   //   February 24, 2014


VIM + VIGOR JUICEI’m a foodie. I genuinely enjoy eating. I’m the kind of person that plans my day around where and when I’m going to eat. The timing of my errands depends on exactly where it will put me around lunch time. I enjoy cooking, and I love to try to new restaurants. I am not one of those people who skips meals or gets so busy that they “forgot to eat lunch.” I’m never too busy to eat lunch. With that said, I’m also someone who enjoys feeling healthy. While I like to consider that the majority of my meals during the week (weekends don’t count over here), are fairly healthy, there’s also a lot of things that I could probably do without. Things like cereal (I can’t seem to kick that habit), cheese, and the ridiculous amount of ice cream and frozen yogurt that I consume, etc. every single time. I’ve also noticed that I get into a little bit of routine with my health: I’m really good on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday rolls around and I seem to get to this “tomorrow is Thursday which means it’s almost the weekend” mentality and before I know it, I’m peeling open a new sleeve of Thin Mints. Wednesday is always my problem.

So, last week I decided to take Number One (my very favorite café in Dallas) up on their offer to try a one-day juice cleanse. Here’s the deal: I’m never going to be  a three- or five-day juicer. I’m just not. What I really need is a one-day reset during  the week to keep me healthy until around 5:00 on Friday.

I opted for the beginner-level (because I’m a wimp and because you’re allowed to eat dinner) and started on Wednesday morning. The hardest part was not pouring that first bowl of cereal. I actually stared at the pantry for at least two minutes debating what to do. Once I finished the first juice – which, by the way, was really tasty – the rest of the day wasn’t that bad. The Vim + Vigor juices are really delicious. I’ll admit that I  got a headache around 4:00 but once I had that fourth juice, I felt better. The best part of the beginner cleanse is that you get to eat dinner. No, not a cheeseburger. It’s a light salad that tastes surprising yummy after a day of juice. Here’s what even more surprising: I felt full once I finished it. I thought I would be going to bed ravenous but I didn’t. I woke up the next morning and, instead of my usual cereal, I actually had eggs with spinach. One healthy Wednesday set me for a healthy next two days until the weekend. That’s exactly what I needed.

After completing this one-day deal, I actually think that I’m going to be doing it more often. I think I’ll even opt for the Intermediate Level next time. I think I can handle it.


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