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FAR & WIDE COLLECTIVE Tassel Pouch // KAYU Monogram Pouch

I told you all last week that my on-the-go nature and need to have everything with me all the time has led to my tote bag obsession. The only other bag I’m equally in love with: pouches. I can’t seem to stop buying them. Why do I love them so? Because they’re total workhorses. First, they’re essential to keeping my bag organized. (Note: the Truffle pouch is kind of a lifesaver in that area.) Without my petite pouches, my tote quickly becomes a jumbled mess of stuff. I usually designate one pouch for essentials like my card case, iPhone, Aquaphor, and a lipstick (I’m currently obsessed with this one), while a second one will have things like chargers, some sort of snack (usually one of these), and the like. Secondly, when I’m ready to ditch the tote for cocktail hour, the zipped-up little wonders quickly become my favorite nighttime accessory. Like I said: workhorses. How many is too many? I’ll leave that up to you.

Here, five of my favorites:

1. Truffle Clarity Clutch 

It’s the bag you never knew you needed until you had it. The concept is simple: a transparent clutch made of high-quality materials (read: wipeable and easy to clean) that’s both functional and chic. Being able to see what’s inside your bag is beyond helpful and almost forces you to be even more organized. Bonus: the small size is TSA-friendly making it an excellent alternative to those unsightly Ziploc bags.

2. Truffle Privacy Clutch 

This is my second-most favorite clutch from Truffle. I get asked about it every single time I carry it. Not only is it the perfect size, but it’s the quality of this one that really makes this one a gem. It’s made of a textured leather that’s nearly impossible to get dirty and makes it look way more expensive than it is. With a price tag of $54, this little guy is a steal.

3. The Kayu Pouch

I started falling in love with this brand last summer when I scooped up this “Aloha” one. Since then, I’ve managed to collect a few more, including a  one that says “Hola” and one with my initials. (I also recently got their St. Tropez tote. I’m sort of in love with it.) These straw pouches are perfectly beachy (I love this striped one!) and make for the very best vacay clutch.

4. Comme Des Garçons Flou Pouch

This one is just pure fun. The colors are the brightest you’ll ever see (hard to lose this one) and the leather just gets better and better over time. I have the neon green. I’ve also got my eye on the polka-dot one.

5. Clare V. Flat Clutch

If there’s one pouch I consider my go-to, it’s probably this one. It’s an organizing pouch by day and chic clutch by night. The leopard print is just so good.

Photos by Molly Miller

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