outfits   //   April 10, 2017


MDS STRIPES everything scarf

RAY-BAN Sunglasses // MDS STRIPES Scarf  (also available in here) // ATTICO Jeans // SEAANDGRASS Bag 

This is one of those times when the name really says it all. This top/scarf is called “The Everything Scarf” because it can literally be worn with – you guessed it – everything.  Not only that, it can also be worn in a few different ways – one of which, as you can see here, is a top. This crisp cotton scarf comes in multiple colors (I love my red but the blue-and-white stripe is the best of the bunch, in my opinion) and has been a favorite of mine ever since I brought it along on my trip to Italy last summer. The fact that it takes up virtually no room in a suitcase (read: more room for shoes!) and can be worn multiple ways makes this a travel essential. I’ve wrapped around my waist as a sash (it’s an easy way to add some jazz to a white tee and jeans!), but most often, I wear it as a top. (I should note that tying it into a top could not be more simple: start with the scarf behind your neck, criss-cross around your chest, and wrap. Done!) It pairs perfectly with high-waisted denim, and I also love the way it looks with full skirts like this one. The versatility alone makes this a winner in my book.

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