style   //   March 24, 2014


dorsay shoes

As much as I love a great pair of heels, most of my days are spent wearing flats. It’s just much more practical (and comfortable, of course) since my job requires lots of running around town. Ballet flats of obviously my go-to, but lately I’ve been trying to switch it up a little with sneakers, sandals, and, now, the D’Orsay flat. It’s a trend for sure but it’s one that I see having some longevity. It’s a classic shoe (I love the pointy toe) and it works a million different ways. Jenni Kayne is the queen when it comes to the D’Orsay. She’s got this shoe down. From suede to raffia, she’s done this shoe in every which way. (The leopard pair I love just went on sale!) I initially thought this shoe looked a little strange on my feet. It’s definitely got a different shape than a ballet flat, and I wasn’t quite used to it yet. Now, however, I’m starting to come around. It’s actually a nice break from my traditional ballets.

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