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basic shirt and jeans

I’ve told you all numerous times that there’s really only one color you’ll almost never see me in: red. (I also never ever wear the color maroon but that’s sort of a variation on red anyway, right?). I’ve just never felt that the color suits me, and I much prefer orange or pink if I have that choice. However, this rule doesn’t apply to my accessories. If we’re talking about bags (hello) and things, I’m all in. A red accessory just adds that extra special something to an outfit. These Aquazzura shoes are the perfect example. I love the beige and I think the black is amazing, but I passed on both of those in favor of the red. There’s something about this red-orange hue that makes these shoes look even better. (I’m on my third pair of Aquazzura heels. I have this pair and this pair. I can honestly say that their heels are surprising comfortable and very wearable.) The heels make even my basics –  jeans, a white button-down shirt, and my favorite carryall tote – look a little more exciting.

monogrammed goyard

aquazzura beverly hills sandalmonogrammed goyard bag aquazzura beverly hills sandals basics

Photos by Molly Miller

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