accessories   //   February 17, 2015


I’ve never been somebody who is constantly losing things. It probably  has something to do with my Type-A personality, but I’ve just always been able to keep track of my personal belongings. I like things organized, in their proper “homes,” and it’s a very rare occasion that I misplace something. The only exception to this? Sunglasses. For some reason, I just can’t seem to take as good of care of my eyewear as I do with my other things. I’ve not only lost several pairs (I’m currently on the hunt for these) but I also managed to break my very favorite pair because I wasn’t being as careful as I should have been (lesson learned: keep your sunglasses in their cases when you’re not wearing them). Since sunglasses are an accessory that I wear nearly everyday, I’m okay with making an investment in a quality pair that I love. However, if I’m not capable of taking care of them like I should be,  then I’ve got no business splurging on sunglasses. At least for now.

The good news is that the options are more than ample when it comes to budget-friendly sunglasses. Nordstrom has an amazing selection of sunnies under $100 – and even more impressive is their selection under $50. (Check out this pair for $12.) They have everything from classic aviators to your trendier pairs like these cat-eyes. They also offer some really fun, colored pairs (pastels, too!) that will be great options for this summer. Other great spots to shop: Mango (it doesn’t get more classic than these), Topshop, NastyGal, and, of course, Forever21. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair over $10 there – which makes it the perfect place to pick up pairs when you’re traveling. I also picked up a pair similar to these while at Target the other day.

If I can prove to myself that I’m capable of being responsible enough to take care of my sunnies then maybe (just maybe) I’ll reward myself at some point with this pair I love so much.

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