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You know what they say: when you find a shoe you love, buy it in every color. So goes it with my favorite sneaker of all time: the Nike Roshe Run. I bought my first pair of Roshe Runs after injuring my shin last year. Under instructions from my doctor to abandon all unsupportive shoes (in other words: these were a no-go and definitely none of these) for a few weeks, I needed to find a sneaker that would satisfy my doctor’s orders but also looked sleek enough that I could wear it with more than just my gym clothes. And that’s when I found the Roshe Run. Six pairs later…and the rest is history.

No. They’re not running shoes. I don’t lace these up before jumping on the treadmill or before going on a run outside. They’re not made to support a major workout. What they are made to be are excellent everyday, throw-on-and-go sneakers. They’re incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and supportive enough for plenty of walking. The minimal design means they look chic and sleek with a lot of different looks – not just my workout gear. I wear mine with everything from cropped skinny jeans (these and these) to little dresses. They come in a million different colors, too. The coral is a favorite, and both my gray and black pairs have made for great basics.

All of this means that they also make excellent travel shoes. I never leave home without at least one pair of these in my suitcase. (I wore them the entire time last week in Italy.) Most travels require lots of long days on your feet and these kicks are comfortable and look cute with whatever you’re wearing.



nike roshe run

Photos by Molly Miller

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