shopping   //   August 1, 2016


blue and white

I’ve been eyeing this dress all summer long. Yesterday, I decided I just couldn’t live without it and just as I was about to pay full-price for it, I did one final quick search and there it was: the very same dress with a much better price tag. Hello, FWRD sale! It was my lucky day and it can be yours, too. After just a quick peek through this sale, I found all kinds of goodies. There are plenty of fun, last-minute summer steals (this and these) but I also scored some great things for fall, too – including these Isabel Marant booties I’ve been wanting since forever. This is one sale you don’t want to miss! Want to know the best part? It’s free overnight shipping. Instant gratification!

Here, your cheat sheet for the 8 of the best buys.

The Hit List

  1. Buy now, wear later. Grab some new boots for fall: these, these, and these.
  2. I plan on copying this entire look. #winterwhitesdoneright
  3. This classic shirt dress will work for the office or lunch by the pool.
  4. I alternate between two pairs of denim shorts and they’re both on sale: here and here.
  5. This cashmere sweater (dreamy!) is going to be a go-to for me in the fall.
  6. When you need a dressy pair of flat sandals. They’d be such a great option for a bride, too!
  7. This dress could work for so many different occasions and it’s one you can wear in the fall, too.
  8. I’m wishing these weren’t sold out in my size.
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