accessories   //   August 31, 2016


soludos espadrilles

Tote // Stripe Espadrilles // Red Espadrilles

Every season, there’s always one pair of shoes that emerges as the clear favorite. This summer, that shoe was the Soludos espadrille. Or I should say espadrilles because there’s definitely more than one pair in my closet. Espadrilles have always been a go-to summer shoe for me but never have I loved a pair more than the ones I’ve gotten from Soludos.

What’s so great about these seemingly simple shoes? First and foremost, they’re so comfortable. I’ve had espadrilles in the past that after just a couple of wears, started to give me blisters. That’s not the case with these. I can run around in these all day long. These shoes are also surprisingly versatile. I wear this pair (I have it both red and blue) with everything from skinny jeans to floaty dresses. This fact is also what makes them such an excellent shoe for traveling. They’re my favorite shoes to wear on planes, and they’re a great walking shoe (this pair was my go-to on my trip to Italy). I also love that they come in a million different colors and materials. They have everything from the most simple to pairs with flamingos and embroidered words. I’ve loved the canvas ones this summer, but this leather pair is going to be my favorite as we transition into fall. The best part? They’re totally affordable. With the exception of a couple of styles, almost every single pair is under $75 – which is good because I have a feeling there’s a few more pairs in my future.

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