culture   //   February 21, 2017


If you follow me on IG, then you already know that I love to bake. And I especially love to bake cookies. Every Sunday, in fact, that’s what I do. Right now, it’s all about chocolate chip cookies in our house. While I usually stick with my own very own tried-and-true chocolate chip cookie recipe (note: I always use this medium size scoop and I fully believe that chilling the dough is key!), I decided to change things up a bit and embark on a bit of cookie quest. I’m taking all the “best of” recipes and baking them to see which one really is the best. Thankfully, I have a family of very eager taste-testers who are more than willing to give feedback along the way. (It’s really turned into quite the experiment. I’ve even been setting aside a portion of each recipe’s dough and freezing it so that we can eventually do a blind taste test. Side-by-side comparison is key. What can I say? We’re serious about our cookies around here.) So far, I’ve covered the obvious three: The New York Times, Alton Brown’s, and Cook’s Illustrated. No surprise here: they’re all delicious. My personal favorite of the three was the NYT cookie. It requires some patience but it’s totally worth it.

What I’ve learned in the process is that people have pretty serious opinions about what makes a delicious chocolate chip cookie. Today, I want to know yours. You, dear readers, have always given me excellent tips in the past (it’s because of you that I discovered the heaven that is Levain!) and I have no doubt that you’ll have some good ones to share here. So, tell me. Who makes the very best chocolate chip cookie? If it’s a recipe, please share it. If it’s a bakery, share that, too! I’ll add it to my must-visit list. The very best chocolate chip cookie is definitely worth a trip.

Ok. I’ll start. There’s lots of amazing cookies in Dallas but when it comes to chocolate chip, the very best comes from The Great One Cookie. So, so delicious. I also have to mention Tiny Boxwoods in Houston. It might be the best in the state. Trust me on that one.

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