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The Bright Hour // SHICATO Tote

I made my way through a solid stack of books this summer. I covered a range of genres – standard beach reads, thrillers, memoirs, and even a self-help title. Some were fantastic and some were not. Of all the books I read though, there’s one that stands out as my very favorite: The Bright Hour.

You know those books that are just impossible to forget? This is one of those. It’s a memoir written by Nina Riggs after she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 37. (The book was published just a month or so after she passed away.) I know: a mother-of-two dying from cancer sounds like it would make for quite a depressing read but somehow this book is just the opposite. Riggs was a masterful writer. She manages to turn her incredibly heartbreaking situation into an uplifting story that leaves you with only good feelings. (It reminds me a lot of The Last Lecture and When Breath Becomes Air – two others books I highly recommend if you haven’t read them already.) It’s a book that will have you alternating between laughs and tears. It covers all the deep life lessons but does so with just the right amount of levity and humor. I cannot recommend this one enough.

Has anyone read this book? If so, share your thoughts!

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