design   //   April 2, 2014


2ce20ee959870cdce66c0d6f2de7a858I’m in the process of finally getting things organized in our new house. Now that most of the furniture is here, it’s really just the little things – accessories, books, frames – that I need to focus on. I’ve found myself wanting to add a few more colorful accessories to the mix (no surprise there). Flowers are an easy way to do this but in unpacking I realized that while vases are something I have plenty of, the majority of them are clear. They all look pretty much the same. I’ve never thought to invest in some unique vases. The Jonathan Adler Bel Air vase is going to change that. It’s available in four different sizes and comes in an array of colors. I love all the sizes but I think the mini is by far my favorite. It’s just the perfect little size (not to mention, it’s also under $100 which also makes it a great gift!). I love the shock of color, and the Lucite surround gives it such a cool effect. My spring blooms will look even prettier in one of these. Which color to choose? Now, that’s the hard part. 

a65c0b469aa6ca60c030d7bba618c223 vase


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