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I’ve had long hair since junior year of high school. I remember how long it took for it to grow out and once I had it the length I wanted, I swore I’d never cut it short again. And I haven’t. One reason for that is my hair is become somewhat of a security blanket for me. It’s comfortable and easy, just part of routine. For one, I know how to manage it: trims here every eight weeks, infrequent shampooing with this, and plenty of both in-salon and at-home conditioning treatments. Secondly, I already know the quick-fixes (this wand is a miracle worker) for bad hair days. And finally, the thought of cutting it (what if I hate it?) only to grow it back out totally scares me. It’s that in-between length that I really hated the first time around that I’ve been trying to avoid. The length that’s not-quite-long but not a bob either. You know the one. It wasn’t a good look for me 10 years ago. But what about now?

I realize the long bob (or “lob”) has become a trend and while I’m usually not one to jump on board with beauty trends (especially when it comes to my hair), this is one that I happen to really love. I’ve found myself pinning image after image of gals with this mid-length look. If there’s one celebrity that has totally nailed the “lob,” it’s Elizabeth Olsen. That girl has amazing hair. Inspiration for myself? Maybe. I’m not saying I’m ready to run out and chop it off just yet but 10 years is quite a long time for the same cut and color…

What do you think of the look? Love it? Hate it? I would love to hear your thoughts.





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