tastemaker   //   September 29, 2010

Tastemaker: Ray Griffiths

Australian born jeweler Ray Griffiths has spent the last 30 years creating what he calls “real jewelry”- not seasonal, but classic in design. Originally trained to refinish and restore crowns for royal family members, Ray works in rare metals, stones and gems and often draws inspiration from architecture. Lucky for us we were able to talk with one of our favorite designers about a few of his current favorites:

One of Ray’s current projects includes this Sterling Silver brooch featuring about 40cts of Diamonds Pave set. He states his plans, “I need to replace 9 missing stones, and I think it is only half of a big bow that would have been a center piece for a big pearl necklace and/or a tiara center ( my guess is it’s 1850’s French) or Austrian. It’s almost 4 inches long and a bit over 2 inches wide, all hand made. Make sure to look at the back, every setting is opened by hand to fit each stone and let the light in.” Pretty impressive! Can’t wait to see the final piece.

Visit his website here: Ray Griffiths
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