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CÉLINE Sunglasses (similar here) // REBECCA DE RAVENEL Earrings // ENDLESS ROSE Sweater (also available in white) // J BRAND Jeans // SIMON MILLER Handbag // CHANEL Shoes (similar here) // CHANEL “Espadrilles” Nail Polish

This weekend was nothing like I expected. We had originally planned to be out of town but our trip was cancelled at the last minute. I was initially bummed when the travel plans fell through but then it ended up being more than okay. Since we thought we weren’t going to be here, we didn’t have one thing on our calendars. Not one. Neither of us could remember the last time that was the case (can you?!). It was a free weekend that we hadn’t planned on. Aren’t those just the best kinds of weekends? We took advantage of it in all the best ways: dinner dates, movies (I saw Girl on a Train. It didn’t quite hold up to the book but still had me sitting on the edge of my seat, nonetheless.), cooking at home, and lots of walks with Lucy. (Lucy was thrilled to find out our trip had been cancelled. She always is.)

Here’s one of the best parts: it actually felt like fall. The rain on Friday brought cooler temperatures which I used as an excuse to wear sweaters all weekend. The first one I pulled out for Friday night was this ruffled knit. It’s one of my favorite buys of the season. (I love it so much, in fact, that I’ve already bought it in white.) Not only do I adore the tiered ruffle sleeves (I wasn’t lying when I said ruffles were taking over my closet.), but it’s under $100, making it such a good steal for fall. (Speaking of steals, if you’re after a pair of lookalike Chanel heels, check out these.) This sweater is still an easy basic, but those sleeves give it that special something that made it perfect for our dinner date.

simon miller bonsai bag

simon miller bonsai bag


Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick Photography

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