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Roasted Fall Vegetable Stew

Whether it’s brunches with friends or a day spent with family, I find that almost everyone has their own Sunday ritual. While our day is flexible (sometimes it’s spent tackling to-do lists and others it’s an afternoon at the museum), our Sunday night is nearly always the same: dinner on the couch (read: a lot of take-out Thai) and Netflix or whatever show we’re bingeing at the moment. It’s certainly not glamorous (think: pajamas and a face mask) and not anything super exciting but I love it all the same.

While we’re still enjoying plenty of takeout (it tastes even better on Sundays, doesn’t it?), we’ve also been making more of an effort to cook at home. Sunday nights call for comfort food and winter is the perfect time for these kinds of meals. I’ve been craving things like hearty stews, Mexican soups (we use our trusty slowcooker on the reg for this one), and pasta. Thanks to Pinterest, there’s no shortage of delicious inspiration. Here, six recipes I’m dying to try.

If you have any recipe recommendations, please comment below! I’d love to hear them.


Skinny Spaghetti and Meatballs


Slowcooker Chicken Chili

chickennoodlesoup2V copy

Old Fashioned-Chicken Noodle Soup


Butternut Squash Veggie Pizza


Black Bean Tortilla Soup

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