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elta 2I’ve been receiving quite a few emails lately (thank you for those!) asking me to post about beauty routine and favorite products. While I don’t really have much of a makeup routine (mainly because I’m not any good at putting it on so I don’t wear a whole lot of it), I definitely have a regimen when it comes to my skin. I’ve whined to you all before about how sensitive my skin is so you all get that I’m really picky when it comes to the products I put on my body. I put extra effort into taking really good care of my skin (chemical peels are a big part of that, but we’ll discuss that another day) and I’m sort of a freak about it.

First things first: sunscreen. I’m obsessive about putting it on – every single day. I wasn’t always this way though. Along with all of my high school and college girlfriends, I used to bake in the sun. SPF was minimal at best (I considered the SPF 4 in the tanning oil to be sufficient) and forget the hats or umbrellas. This all changed after college. My skin was a mess – little freckles had turned into much bigger and scarier spots that warranted melanoma checks from a dermatologist. This is also when I first noticed my rosacea. With the help of my doctor and several IPL treatments, I was able to erase a lot of those spots and tame the rosacea. Since then I have vowed to wear sunscreen all the time and stay out of the sun as best I can – even though this means my skin will pretty much be pale year-round.

This brings me to my favorite sunscreens. I told you all here about my love for the EltaMD Clear. It’s still the best of the best when it comes to daily sunscreen for my face. I apply it before I put on my makeup. It’s so lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. The best part is that it’s never caused a breakout (as so many sunscreens do). In fact, I think it has actually cleared up my skin even more. Before the honeymoon, I stocked up on the EltaMD body sunscreen products. I don’t why I hadn’t tried any of these out before. I figured that if the face one is that good then surely the body sunscreens will be just as superb. I was right. I alternated between the UV Aero Spray and the UV Shield. Both have the same SPF, but the spray is waterproof which proved helpful with all of the time we spent in the ocean. And just like the face sunscreen, neither of these caused a breakout. A major win for someone with sensitive skin.

Ok. That’s all for my fun in the sun talk today. I’m sure you all are tired of hearing about that.

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