style   //   July 15, 2013


summer style_the romper


Romper, playsuit, jumper – is there another item of clothing with so many different names? Whatever moniker you choose (I think I prefer romper), this is an item to have in your closet for summer. This article in WSJ‘s Off Duty section got me thinking about one-pieces. I’ve always been a fan of the jumpsuit (I just bought this Theory one). They’re a little bit unique and always manage to give a look an air of sophistication. However, they’re not something I wear in the summer. At least not in Texas. With the exception of an airy style (kind of like this one), they’re just a little too warm for the summer temperatures down here. Next option? The short romper. This abbreviated version of the jumpsuit is one of my favorites during the summer months. They don’t require a lot of work  (a pair of sandals and some fun accessories are all you need) yet they make a statement. There are so many good options right now, too. This black one from Alexander Wang (I actually think it’s the same one she’s wearing in that picture above) would be perfect for a summer cocktail party. Or you can go casual with one of the Topshop styles or this adorable Rebecca Minkoff one. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

(Image via Harper’s Bazaar)

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