style   //   March 21, 2014


Jcrew espadrillesI pretty much trade in my closed-toe shoes for sandals (this pair in every color) the minute the weather starts to warm up. I love my ballet flats but spring/summer is sandals season for me.  The only exceptions I’ll make is for my sneakers and espadrilles. J.Crew’s newest espadrille arrival has me smitten. Are these not the cutest espadrilles you’ve ever seen? I’m going to wear them all summer long – with dresses like this and shorts like these. Not only are the prints perfect for the season, but with a flat rubber sole, they’re going to be ideal traveling soles. I adore both color options (you know how much I love stripes) but for me, the pink pair is the clear winner. The good news is that the price is right, and for $60 you could get yourself both pairs to avoid making the tough decision.


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