style notes   //   February 19, 2013


sally miller

Remember Molly’s Style Notes that I posted last month? Today, you get to meet her equally adorable sister Sally. The other half to A Piece of Toast, Sally is also an assistant teacher and a nanny (they call her the “baby whisperer”). What a busy lady! She spends all day with children – that’s patience right there – and then manages to find time to write a blog. She’s one of the sweetest girls I know and has this amazingly calming presence about her (another reason she makes a wonderful teacher). You’d think that with so much going on in her life that she’d be crazy stressed out, but somehow she keeps it all together – and look super cute doing it!

I had so much fun reading her answers to these. I was curious to see what similarities to Molly’s would pop up (as they tend to do between sisters who live together and edit a blog together). For instance: they both dream about living in San Francisco and they both claim Neulash as their tried and true beauty secret (you would too if you saw their long lashes!). The rest of the answers were very clearly Sally. She’s got her own unique style – one that I ogle over every time I see her. It’s really this mix of similarities and differences between the two girls that makes A Piece of Toast so good. Check it out to see for yourself!

sally miller

 (Jack Black Hand Healer // Olivia Palermo  // Chanel ballet flats)

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