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It’s the return of the Style Notes series. I can’t think of anyone better to help me reintroduce the series than Lele Sadoughi. The New York-based (but Dallas-born!) designer has long been one of my favorites – and after getting reading through her interview and taking a look through some of her latest pieces, I imagine she’ll be one of yours, too. A veteran in jewelry business, the mother of two (busy lady!) designed for esteemed brands such as Ippolita and Tory Burch, as well as served as Jewelry Design Director for J.Crew before breaking out on her own in 2012. Her eponymous collection is now in its fourth season – and it’s better than ever. Inspired by art, travel, and vintage jewelry (she has a collection that numbers in the few thousands!), the line features geometric designs rendered in bright stones and enamels.

I first fell in love with Sadoughi’s designs when I came across a stack of her signature slider bracelets. (Don’t you love those?) Since then, what I have really come to love about her collection is the way it fuses classics with edgy elements. The pieces are wearable and timeless, but unique. They make a statement without being one of those things you only pull out on special occasions. This pearl bracelet (one of my very favorites of hers) is a perfect example of that. It makes a statement on its own but it’s also something I would wear everyday, layered in between other gold bangles. And her designs are fun! Here’s a fact: the current collection is inspired by  the allure of the arcade – specifically pinball machines. Knowing that just makes this necklace even more fantastic than it already is.

After getting to know her a little better with this interview, I love her jewelry even more. I love anyone that can reference a Nan Kempner story on cue and says her splurge is “decadent food.” And her advice to aspiring designers? Well, I think that applies to all of us – no matter what industry you’re in. I hope you enjoy the interview! You can shop the Lele Sadoughi collection here.

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